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Cuperdem is an organic copper designed for foliar and drip irrigation application, with an easy penetration

Eckosil is a product that offers silicon enhanced by iron, zinc and molybdenum, giving the plant two entirely different

ENERMAX promotes cell division, stimulates the synthesis of new proteins, influencing the distribution of assimilates selectively through the translocation of…

Foral BMo is a highly concentrated seaweed extract characterized by an excellent bioactivity and nourishing action

KIPLANT VS-04 contains glucosamine polycationic oligomers, fractions of chitin molecules with a specific length.

Mighty Messenger, or Messenger for short, is a new Harpin alpha beta (αβ) protein formulation. It’s a second-generation protein that…

Myconate contains the biologically active isoflavone (formononetin), which is a natural signalling compound produced in the roots of most plants.Myconate,…

When ProAct is sprayed onto the plant it binds to the natural harpin receptors. These early warning receptors react as…

REDUSAL provides the exchangesof the sodium ion by calcium ion in the clay-humus complex, restoring soil structure, correcting ''locking'' situations.

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