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Asfertglobal is a European-based company with years of accumulated experience in the biosolutions and ag biotechnology sector. They are trusted within the industry when it comes to high quality products. Their main focus is the development of biofertilisers and biostimulants which are based on the use of microorganisms and new organic molecules from natural sources. The key functions of biofertilisers are to optimise the soil’s resources allowing better nutrient uptake and yield increase – resulting in a reduction of inorganic chemical-based fertilisers. Their unique range of ag biosolutions is widely used around the world and known for its high efficacy.

Products like Cuperdem, VS-04, Eckosil, and Enermax are just a few products which have produced outstanding results.


Based in Arizona in the USA and founded in 1973, Bio Huma Netics, Inc., is a three-generation employee-owned company that is a multinational liquid-based fertiliser and ag biotechnology company supplying countries around the world with a more effective and healthier sources of plant nutrition.

Huma Gro produces a proprietary liquid nutritional range made with their unique Micro Carbon Technology (MCT). MCT is like no other carbon source on earth and is an extremely small carbon and oxygen rich organic molecule that acts as a source of carbon and provides an ultra-efficient vehicle to move nutrients into the plant either through the soil or the leaves. MCT was formed millions of years ago in only one location in the USA and has now become a game-changer in the fertiliser world. Its Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of over 4000, its low molecular weight with fewer than 10 carbon rings and the ability to complex with metallic & non metallic ions makes it a very effective and efficient range.

One of their flagship products known as Super Phos 0-50-0 is a phosphate source that is rapidly taken up by the plant without being locked up by clays, metal ions or organic matter while being mobile in the soil. It also resists “tie-up” with calcium or aluminium to remain water soluble and is non salt-forming. One liter of Super Phos can replace up to 15kg of MAP. Super Phos can also be applied with calcium products or herbicides or other agro products.


Plant Health Care is a US based company that specialises in environmentally friendly peptides derived from natural proteins. Their innovative, patent-protected products helps growers to protect their crops from stress and disease and to produce higher quality fruit and vegetables, all while being compatible with mainstream agricultural practices. The many awards their technology has won has put them at the forefront of the biostimulants industry.

Harpin protein exists in different formulations known as Messenger, ProAct and Harpin Pro. These formulations are well established, used on a wide variety of crops and backed by extensive scientific research.


Croda is a UK based multinational ag biosolutions company committed to sustainable innovation which runs through every aspect of their business –  from the ingredients they make to the way they operate and all the way through to the natural, renewable materials they use. Croda continually challenges itself to capture leading-edge technologies, knowledge and expertise to build a diverse patented portfolio.

Years of innovation and research have gone into developing a novel calcium nutrient attached to a patented molecule allowing calcium to pass directly through plant cells instead on around plant cells. InCa is the first product that allows calcium to travel much faster through a plant to increase quality, yield and many other factors related to calcium levels in plants.


Based in the US, Gowan is a leading multinational company providing ag biosolutions for crop protection. A passion for agriculture, the science and business of it, runs through Gowan’s veins. They are inherently grower-focused and in tune with the market. Keeping their boots muddy and understanding customers’ needs is at the core of all that they do. Their growth has stemmed from them staying true to authentic relationships, from farmers to customers to their partners.


In recent years Gowan has acquired a number of biotech companies as they focus on building a stronger portfolio that penetrates deeper into their markets . Exclusive to DuxAgri, the novel biopesticide range they produce allows growers to replace harmful pesticides and move towards a more sustainable approach to farming.