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Stone Fruits

The list of stone fruits is quite long.

Among the most popular fruit in the world, we should mention olive, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricot and cherry. Stone fruit possess a lot of healthy assets, being rich in water and carbohydrates.

The Keys to a Fruitful Investment

Just like with pome fruit trees, also stone fruit trees need high-quality soil. The right irrigation system with a good fertilizing program should become the first step to healthy production.

Cultivation of stone fruit in South Africa has to be a fruitful investment since the country is a major exporter of these fruits.

Thankfully, growers and producers will not be left alone in this work. Here at DuxAgri, our aim is to supply you with the most astonishing bio stimulants, organic pesticides, and soil health products. With a helping hand, your stone fruit plantations will produce stronger and tastier fruit.