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The macadamia nut has been highly popular for many years. With many varieties, these plants offer a wide range of possibilities to their growers.

The end customers buying macadamia products keep on building a massive market. Hence, growers from South Africa are up for a challenge – they need to meet the demand for high-quality crops.

The Increasing Demand and Popularity

When it comes to macadamia trees, their valuable crops will see an increasing demand on the market in the years to come.

For the growers in South Africa, this is considered to be an export crop, as we are one of the few countries with the perfect climate conditions to grow high-quality trees. Most importantly, an export crop needs to meet the best standards.

Among the export principles, you can find the reduction of chemicals and chemical residues. Moreover, soil health is of equal value. Thus, it is crucial to use high-quality bio components to support the macadamia plantations. At DuxAgri we can guarantee that your crops will