The potato has been and forever will be an important vegetable when it comes to our consumption habits.

This tasty and nutrient root vegetable played a huge part in human history on numerous occasions. At the moment, the potato is also a vegetable of high importance in South Africa and the need for high-quality potatoes is rising in many countries, including South Africa.

Future of Potato

The impressive amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins is what makes the potato a significant vegetable.

Compared to other major staple foods, potatoes contain the highest quantity of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and Vitamin K. You can also find a high concentration of phosphorus, potassium, and niacin within these lovely vegetables.

At the heart of potato fertilization, we see how the process can increase soil health to secure sustainable yields. Investing in top-class bio products is the key to receiving firm, shapely, and good-looking potatoes.