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Soil Health

Soil health is the key to the highest quality in agriculture – that is a fact all farmers will agree with.

However, in South Africa and all around the world we observe a decreasing quality of soil types. Growers have been using unnecessary and dangerous chemicals for too long, destroying their local soils.

The Future of Soil Health

What has happened over the years could be considered a massive revolution in agriculture.

In the previous decades, we have witnessed proceeding devastation of soil, increased deforestation, and extensive use of chemicals. All these elements have a negative impact on the possibilities of organic and healthy cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and crops.

In South Africa, the quality of soil has decreased over the last few decades. Killing the surface and soil microbes must stop as it is dangerous both to nature and to humans. That is why at DuxAgri we promote the most reliable bio products enhancing soil health. You can find a wide range of bio stimulants to maintain the highest quality with natural microbes and healthy nutrients.