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The Best Way to a Successful Vineyard.

Across South Africa, modern-day grapes are mainly used for direct consumption and the production of wine. Moreover, there is also a rich and fruitful export market, as the local varieties possess wonderful taste, beloved by people from around the globe. Interestingly enough, South Africa is one of the top 10 countries producing the most grapes – more than 2 million metric tons annually.

The Increasing Demand and Popularity

With an ever-increasing demand for high-quality fruits, growers should consider taking a modern approach in terms of cultivation.

Especially, when it comes to soil health, as it transfers to firmer and healthier grapes. Thus, at DuxAgri we suggest a wide range of reliable bio products. Using fewer chemicals means your products will be allowed on the European markets. Take care of your vineyards and start profiting more by choosing the best bio stimulants, fertilizers, and bio nutrients.