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With yellow skin and a sweet pulp within – bananas are the type of fruit you cannot confuse with something else. Modern cultivation of banana varieties is based on a wide range of the Musa plants family.

Their significance in the food industry is unprecedented and extremely important. As it happens, people from all around the world can buy bananas locally, even though they are grown only in a hot climate.

We should positively see the future of bananas. Thanks to their unique properties, these fruits will keep on being a major export product in Africa.

The Importance of Quality Cultivation

Before we even think about growing bananas, we should consider perfect soil preparation. What is more, keeping its high quality is crucial along the way as the conditions may change. Therefore, all South African growers need to focus on implementing the most reliable bio products to enrich their banana plantations.

At DuxAgri we understand the utmost importance of soil health as this is the key to a healthy harvest. Aiming for the most natural and organic fertilizers is an outstanding method if you want to aim for quality. We also recommend the use of soil microbes as an amazing way to reduce costs and keep the production up and running.