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Pecan Nuts

Once pecan nuts were first introduced to a wider market, they have quickly become one of the consumers’ favorites.

Fun fact: the name “pecan” derives from an Algonquin word meaning “something you can crush only with a tool”. Just like walnuts, pecans need extra strength to break the outer shell and get to the tasty nut. Nevertheless, it is worth the trouble!

The Significance of Quality Cultivation

The market for pecan nuts is growing fast, and so are the trees themselves. Since this direction in the food industry is relatively new in South Africa, farmers can use new technology to begin and develop their plantations. Cultivating pecans can be quite demanding since it starts bearing fruits after 5 to 10 years once planted. However, they are worth the wait.

The best way to start pecan nuts cultivation is to invest in reliable and trustworthy bio stimulants. At DuxAgri, we understand how important such organic products are. As we strive to enrich the soil and make it healthier, our company supports only the best nutrients and fertilizers. Choose highly recommendable products, which will help you enjoy a steady pecan cultivation.