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Summer Grains

Depending on the local climate and weather conditions, summer grains around the world can vary.

Here in South Africa, farmers strive to grow the best varieties of maize, sunflower, and soya bean. With ongoing trials for new products and crops, the market for summer grains is constantly expanding.

The Future of Summer Grains

Our vision is to be the forerunner in providing green bioagriculture and green fertilizer solutions to summer grain farmers in order to ensure a safer environment for future generations.

Providing staple foods for people and animals, these grain crops will see an ever-increasing demand.

Vegan meat substitutes based on soya beans, sunflower oils, corn syrup, flour, and flakes – they are just a few highly popular products made from summer grains.

At DuxAgri our team of agricultural experts involves itself in the industry to take part in trials. Such an experience lets our company create innovative and outstanding biotech products for enhancing the growth and yield of summer grains. Growers use them to increase the superiority of their plants, as well as the crops’ tonnage. When quality comes first, our expertise can make a difference.